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Sankofa Kwabena
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Sankofa Kwabena The Queen is dropping jewels for the children of Ra. Afrakan spirit stew for you suckas! Peace.



He/She who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion. It is a number of upheaval and destruction; a symbol of power which, if wrongly used, will wreak havoc and destruction upon itself.” Astronomically, on July 4th the longitude of the Sun is 12° Cancer in the Heavens, and on this date the Sun conjoins the great star Sirius, whose longitude is 13° Cancer. Sirius is a first-magnitude star that is 40 times brighter than the Sun, and is the star that rules all African people. It was venerated in ancient Egypt from time immemorial, and was held in great reverence by the ancient Egyptians because it rose heliacally with the Sun at dawn during the inundation of the Nile River, the lifeline of ancient Egypt.

In astrological parlance it is said: “If the great star Sirius is well-placed in a horoscope, it will contribute to the amassing of wealth and the acquisition of fame and honor.” Sirius conjuncts the Sun in the horoscope of the United States, in the 2nd house of money and material possessions. The Part of Fortune is 13° Capricorn – opposing the Sun and Sirius – in the 8th house of other people’s resources! These powerful cosmic patterns explain, astrologically, the great wealth of this country (much of which was acquired through the ignominious practice of slavery)...

Cancer is the fourth (1+3) sign of the zodiac, and it rules the continent of Africa, its inhabitants, and people the world over of African descent. The Moon rules Cancer, and is therefore the cosmic ruler of all African people. The average celestial motion of the Moon is 13° per day, and 13 weeks is the time it takes the Earth to travel from the equinoxes to the solstices. For example, it takes the Earth 13 weeks to travel from the first day of spring (March 20th) to the first day of summer (June 21st); 13 weeks from the first day of summer to the first day of fall (Sept. 23rd); 13 weeks from the first day of fall to the first day of winter (Dec. 21st); and it takes the Earth 13 weeks to travel from the first day of winter to the first day of spring...
There are 13 occurrences of the quantity 13 in the design of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt, the largest stone edifice ever built. In the Indian Pantheon there are 13 Buddhas. The mystical discs that surmount Indian and Chinese pagodas are 13 in number. Enshrined in the Temple of Atsuta in Japan is a sacred sword with 13 objects of mystery forming its hilt. And 13 was the sacred number of the ancient Mexicans – they had 13 snake gods.

The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M, which finds its roots in the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “mem” (meaning mother), which was the ancient Phoenician word for water. The ancient Egyptian word for water was “moo.” M is the most sacred of all the letters, for it symbolizes water, where all life began. It is the root of the word “mother,” and relates to the evolutionary destiny of Africans, African-Americans, and all people of African descent who are ruled by the number 13: There are also 13 zodiacs.

The Nile is the largest channel on the Planet Earth. Channel is a means of communication. Flowing water. There are multiple channels such as the Solar System, the longest and widest of which are the outflow channels on Mars and the channels of Venus many of which are tens of kilometres wide (the network of channels flowing from Argyre Planitia on Mars for example is 8000 km in length and the Baltis Vallis Venus is 7000 km compared to the 6,650 km Nile, the largest active channel on Earth). Inplanetary science the term "rille" is sometimes used for similar formations found on The Moon and Mercury. Channels have also been recently discovered on Titan. The Saturnian moon has the only known permanently active channels in the Solar System other than Earth.

Lyrically and symbolically I cracked the code between the gods and the ratchet. Channel 13 is here on my Solar Return. I'm on the highest mountain lyrically. I got the content I'm just coming down to earth when I rap measuring the right distance between the earth and the clouds. I'm calling check mate its time for the gods who are just dumbing down to start spitting it or they going to be out they spot. I grew up on the same food for thought all the gods eat on. That is why i was able to find balance in what I call the great dumb down , I decided to carry the cross. Its our era now. Im on the highest mountain where falsehoods don't exist. No matter what state hip hop is in the infiltrator's could never be a black queen/ king or goddess/ god. I got ordained Queen Kush in the Chi. Its the new GOD ERA the next step is to put the GODS AND GODDESSES in the proper light. We got to split the market. Spread that bug cause they know but they too busy debating. We already won....ALWAYS US


released August 30, 2014

ARTWORK BY: Abdul's Art Gallery & Sindian
Prod. by: Sindian, Daze Eastwood Beats, Bazz-O The Great One, 7th Galaxy, Ambush Beats, GenOcyD Beats, Elo The Source and Brotherabbit
Guitars By : James M. Little
Mixed by: Sindian & Brotherabbit



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SINDIAN Los Angeles, California

Formerly known as Righteous Da Goddess, Sindian's message is of peace love and war. Beginning from within, with an ultimate goal of spreading that peace to and through as many people as possible by means of her music; firmly believing and/or feeling that music is the highest form of love if done right. The nationally and internationally known rapper resides in Richmond, Virginia. ... more

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Track Name: Forbidden Lines
prod. by Sindian